Renardo Lloyd: Rolling Like Thunder in the Fashion Industry

Twenty six year old Renardo Lloyd is steadily making his mark in the fashion industry here in Jamaica and regionally.

His passion for fashion began at a tender age and he believes that such passion came naturally. He recalls as a child, how he would hand-sew different items from fabric and draw various sketches. This he believes is a genetic factor as he describes his mother as very creative at all that she does. He would also watch Project Runway; an American fashion series and as he watches the show, he would paint a picture of himself on the show or doing something similar, showcasing his fashion designs.

As he grew older his interest for fashion increased. His family was also very supportive as they knew from an early age, that fashion was something Lloyd loved. They pushed and encouraged him to pursue his fashion dreams and endeavors but there were a few family members that gave him periodic negative feedbacks and comments. However, this didn’t stop Renardo, he was adamant that he would become a fashion designer.

It was then that his friend introduced him to Mission Catwalk; Jamaica’s exciting reality TV series aimed at discovering and developing the  talents of fashion designers in Jamaica and in other Caribbean countries. After watching the first season of the show, he realized that he needed to further educate himself about fashion. He then went to Garmex Academy where he completed a one year fashion course. This course equipped him with enough knowledge to build his competence for season three of the competition. “Entering season three of Mission Catwalk was just for the fun of it, to get exposure and to get my name out” said Lloyd.

Renardo’s wide range of creative skills and abilities enabled him to be placed in the top three in the finals of the competition. This was a big success for him as he never thought he would have made it that far in the competition. He treasures his experience from the show and contends that he learnt so much that he is now doing better at fashion. “I garnered more clients, I learnt a lot and I got the opportunity to show my pieces and got helpful tips from the judges” continued Lloyd.

Renardo enjoys designing as he says it is a means of expressing himself through fabric. “I can create moods, starting from the fabric that explodes in a design” explained Lloyd. However, designing comes with challenges, but the most challenging one is to come up with an extremely new design as this is of vital importance: this is what will put one’s name and brand out there.

He encourages young people who have interest in fashion to work assiduously at their dream. “They should have a strong supportive team, ignore the negative comments and just work to see their dream become realistic” Renardo said.

He is now focusing on getting his brand out in Jamaica and later regionally. He sees himself in a few years owning his own clothing line and clothing company.




Nickcaro Knight 


 Student | University of Technology, Jamaica

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