Youth Establishes JAYECAN Club in Tivoli Gardens

Junior Executive Director and head of administration at JAYECAN, Alex Sterling explained that there has been an influx of applications to join the team. So far, JAYECAN has received over 400 applications for membership when the organization has a quota for 41. These young applicants are however passionate about service and so they must be engaged.

In August 2016, JAYECAN developed JEMO, which is short for JAYECAN Extended Membership Organizations — a platform designed to allow young people to set up small JAYECAN groups within their communities. In the initial stages, the project faced a number of challenges and went dormant. It was later renamed, “JAYECAN Plus” by Executive Director, Abrahim Simmonds.

Mr. Shemar Miller was among the first set of persons to display interest in setting up a club in his community. He is from the Tivoli Gardens community in Kingston. Miller has a passion for serving others and he believed that he could rally enough peers to apply the JAYECAN Model in his community. Shemar is from a very humble background and he has used his hardships to motivate him to seek better. In an interview, he stated that “…things was not too pretty for me as I grow up but God always provide. During my days at Denham Town Primary [and] after passing GSAT for the Tivoli Gardens High School I was very disappointed because I didn’t get to attend the School of my choice, St. Georges College.”

Miller explained that he lived with both parents but his father was the bread winner of his family. “[while] attending Tivoli Gardens High School Things got even worst. My Dad had a stall in the former Portmore Bus Park and the incursion came and my dad’s stall was destroyed”, added Shemar.  This was a hard time for him and his family and it added to his struggles to finish school.

Because of financial difficulties, Shemar has had to discontinue tertiary education twice. “I wanted to be a Teacher when I was younger or a Pathologist. As time grow my career choice change to become a Journalist or a Lawyer. Got discouraged due to the high fees and knowing that I don’t have no help”, Shemar explained.  He is however committed to realizing his full potential and hopes to pursue studies to become a Guidance Counselor.

The former  Tivoli Gardens High School Head boy has a vision for himself and other members of his community. He hopes to use the JAYECAN model to transform attitudes and to empower his peers. He found about JAYECAN after watching a video online. He fell in love with the idea of bringing JAYECAN to his community.

At JAYECAN we believe that the best experts on solving a problem are those most affected by this problem. As a club, the members will explore activities that help to empower  other youths and solve small issues affecting the youths of their community.

Shemar also sits as a Student Ambassador of the School, the Chaplain of Young Jamaica and an Appointed Youth Evangelist of the Faith and Hope Deliverance Ministry in Tivoli Gardens.

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