Abrahim Simmonds Receives Queen’s Young Leaders Award

Abrahim Simmonds, co-founder of the Jamaican Youth Empowerment through Culture, Arts and Nationalism (JAYECAN) and the Jamaican recipient of the prestigious Queen’s Young Leader title for 2017, has been awarded.

In a ceremony held today at The Buckingham Palace, JAYECAN’s own Abrahim Simmonds was presented the Queen’s Young Leader Award by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. “It’s such a huge honour to receive an Award from Her Majesty The Queen in recognition of the work to help others at home. It’s been an amazing week here in the UK meeting all of the other Leaders – I’ve learn’t so much and I can’t wait to put it all into practise. Being apart of the Queen’s Young Leaders family is really exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future now holds” Abrahim was quoted after his emotional acceptance.

The Queen’s Young Leader award recognises the outstanding contribution to nation building by inspiring young people from across the Commonwealth. The unique approach of using the Arts to revive and revamp the thirst for cultural and national reform within his island home was more than enough to grant him this most deserved title, award and experience.

“This has truly been a humbling experience for me. I never gave up the dream that a little country boy could get to this place and, I did it. I’m not only collecting this award on behalf of myself but, JAYECAN, my family, my friends and my country. The Arts is how we express ourselves and if we have to constantly borrow from other cultures to determine how we sing and dance, it robs us of the opportunity to feel a part of the country. Embracing our own arts and culture empowers us to want to contribute to the development of our country” Abrahim was quoted to have said.

The fight for nation building, youth empowerment and reform is a continuous one that JAYECAN is dedicated to holding the mantle for and carrying beyond the finish line, This award is a testament to the level of leadership and determination that the organisation embodies and produces to the world.

Abrahim indeed personifies the motto ” Youth Helping Youth.”

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