Empowerment through the Stanzas



JAYECAN not only seeks to empower youth by bringing activities to them, but we also have decided to bring empowerment by highlighting the work of youths across Jamaica. The JAYECAN Youth Empowerment Award gave honourable recognition to one such young person
who is doing amazing things through her writing and poetic talents.


Christena AV Williams is an Author, poet/writer, Publisher, Aspiring Historian, Philosopher and an epitome of strength, determination and perseverance through which she overcame the many challenges hurled

at her from an early age. Williams, has a unique life story that she chooses to tell through her creative writing and poetry.

Christena began Writing at age 10 and a decade later published her first Collection of poetry. In 2013 she authored her first publication “Pearls Among Stones”; published by Canadian, Brian Wrixon. This eventually earned her one of the most prestigious awards ever given to youths in Jamaica, The Prime Ministers National Youth Awards for excellence in Arts and Culture. This accomplishments, she claims pays homage to her unique life story; a story of love, love deprivation and strength, courage and faith.

Christena is a lover of oldies, classic, country and our national treasure: reggae music. Her poetic beats and rhythms make her poetry a profound inspiration of positivity and creates a self-defining vibe.

Christena hopes to be a motivation to other individuals, especially from her own generation and aspire to instill the belief, that they too, in spite of their different life challenges, can achieve their dreams. She hopes one day to have her own publishing company.

The poet’s greatest inspiration is her mother. Her father left her when she was only 1 year old but her mother; a strong black woman of whom she loves and emulates, worked very hard and taught her the importance of perseverance, love, dedication, Hard work and that dreams are not impossible however Possible to attain.

Christena, JAYECAN salutes you.

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