Brittany Brown: JAYECAN’s New Executive Director

Brittany Brown is a passionate 25 year old who believes in giving hope to the hopeless. She is currently working in the tourism industry as a Digital and Public Relations Coordinator but dedicates her spare time towards finding solutions to assist persons living in vulnerable communities and solving  issues affecting Jamaica. She aims to be  “a socially responsible youth” who will help people and solve society’s injustices.

She has held numerous leadership positions and is currently serving as the Marketing Lead for another non-profit organization, Operation Help The People that focuses on educational development, social infrastructure and environmental change.

She joined JAYECAN in 2019 to further assist persons in need and contributing to Jamaica’s development. She has been a lover of the arts since her childhood and attributes some of her development as a child through the arts specifically dance and drama. It is this love and understanding of the arts that allowed her to become apart of JAYECAN.

She wants to continue enabling children who may not have the privilege or access to the arts to become empowered. Art for her is more than just expressing ones self but a safe space for many persons who are faced with personal issues.

She believes that for every child impacted through JAYECAN’s programmes another community is reborn. “I am grateful for the opportunity for JAYECAN to be apart of these children’s development and enabling them to understand who they are rather than lacking confidence or become something they’re not.”

Through her leadership she wants to further develop  JAYECAN’s major projects “ArtReach” and “HerStory” through collaboration and increased funding. Through collaboration, it will create pathways for networking opportunities that can potentially translate to new partnerships, resource sharing and lesson sharing activities. This will prove useful to the continued success of our organization. It is her hope that we can add to the value proposition of like-minded organizations and especially create and endorse a network of organisations that create opportunities for young creatives and grassroot leaders.

Community development is a vital aspect to her leadership and as such will be mobilizing a team to assist other community leaders convey JAYECAN’s vision and further implement projects within their community.

Brittany believes that every volunteer in JAYECAN will be more than just a volunteer but a cultural volunteer who will build relationships with children in varying communities and assist in individuals honing their skills.

She believes arts and culture is important to social change and cohesion and wants to play her part in helping young creatives recognize their abilities. It is with these abilities developed that JAYECAN will be able to monetize the skill sets of individuals within the programme. She wants to not only use art as a form of therapy but also contribute to Jamaica’s creative industry.

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