This award recognizes youth who demonstrates consistent musical growth with an instrument or voice. His/her work would have positively influenced the Jamaican youth and as such he/she has made significant contribution to the development and perpetuation of music in Jamaica.
This award will recognize a stellar graphic/animation artist for his/her work in graphic design and/or animation.
This award recognizes the exemplary work in the creation and production of the best English Language/Jamaican Creole comedy or tragedy in the literary and performing arts in the area of drama or poetry.
This award recognizes an individual or team of youths who have demonstrated excellence in the Fine Arts and in doing so have used his/her or their work to contribute to a societal cause.
This award will honour an outstanding project with a performance outcome produced by an individual, team or company of youths in the areas of dance and choreography.



This award will be given to a youth cultural group/organization who have made valiant efforts in the sharing and preservation of our Jamaican culture.
This award will be given to the youth who seeks to promote cultural preservation/endorsement.
This award recognizes the best youth cultural awareness campaign based on purpose, reach and outcome.
This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of a Cultural Facilitator/Practitioner who gave assistance to fellow youth in cultural preservation/campaigning/endorsement as such he/she has made significant contribution to the development and perpetuation of the Jamaican culture.
The recipient would have demonstrated strong interest in the preservation and shared experience of the Jamaican culture. In doing so he/she has aroused patriotic feelings in other youths and by extension the wider Jamaican populace.



This award recognizes youth who have made noteworthy contributions through active community involvement and demonstrated leadership in coordinating volunteer efforts of individuals or groups for fundraising, planning special events, programs or services that benefit the youth community. In doing this he/she has inspired others to get involved and take responsibility to make positive changes in their community.
This award goes to a young volunteer who has a proven record of delivering learning content to students that have garnered note worthy results.
This award recognizes a youth who have looked beyond their own needs to improve the lives of other students. They have advocated for positive change, established coalitions and built common ground among their peers, inspiring and motivating others to become engaged and involved.
This award seeks to recognize the efforts of a teacher, no older than 35 years old who has made a notable impact on the academic and socio-emotional progress of a a student or a set of students
This award will recognize an exemplary youth initiative that brought older and younger people together in partnership.