Department of Art Programmes


This arm will see the collaboration of youths in the creation of projects that seek to use elements of the arts to uplift and empower youths in Jamaica. This Department has a special responsibility to meet the needs of marginalized youths who are often times deprived of a medium of expression. It is not always intended but caregivers or facilitators may find a priority in their well-being (keeping them alive) over personal expression. This is the rationale for our involvement with such youths. Examples of the target population extends itself to incarcerated youths and youths living with disabilities. They deserve to express themselves and as youths we will help them to do just that.




Art Reach – Many agencies and youth groups that seek to empower youth often forget the diversity of the youth population that includes incarcerated youth and youths living with disabilities. Over the past four years, youth volunteers have given their full support to a project that we call Art Reach. Art Reach was created as an expressive and rehabilitative tool that seeks to empower young people and bring about positive youth reform. Through Art Reach, volunteers have empowered youth using art in its various forms.

We have visited several children’s homes and disability centres and engaged youths in activities that have not only allowed them to express themselves but has allowed hope to become more than a fantasy. It was with this project that some youths have identified some of their talents and have embraced them. It was our most expensive project, but over 500 youths have been impacted by our collective visits.



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