Department of Cultural Programmes

Our culture is very unique to us and as the future of our country, we have an active role to play in its preservation and transmission amidst global pressures. There is no question as to whether or not culture can empower our youths. You are able to see the effects when a drum is being beaten or reggae and dancehall music is being played in a room. Our culture is known to be vibrant because it is that instrument we use to help us forget about our troubles as proven in ballads written by our ancestors while they toiled on Manuel Road. This department will encourage the creation of projects that will see to the preservation, appreciation and endorsement of our culture as Jamaicans.
  • Heritage Ambassadors Project (HAP)

The Heritage Ambassadors Project (HAP) makes learning and understanding our heritage a patriotic and exciting adventure. This Project saw JAYECAN volunteers going into high schools to make presentations on our heritage and, our need to preserve it as young people. Students were then encouraged to sign up to take on the exhilarating Ambassador Challenge. In this challenge an emailed link is sent to the participants for them to complete an online quiz that fits the category of Ambassador they wish to become. Immersing yourself in culture has never been this Fun!

  • HerStory


Michelle Thomas
Anita Clarke
Assistant Director
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