1. How do I go about nominating someone for the YEA? 
Applications for the YEA can be found at https://www.judgify.me/2017YEA

2. Can I nominate someone if I’m not within the age limit?

Yes, you can. Once the person being nominated is with the age limit (12 to 30) then the nomination will be valid. 

3. How many awards can one person be nominated for?
There is no limit on the number of awards that one person can be nominated for. 

4. How many awards can one person win? 
There is no limit on the number of awards that one person can win. 

5. Why would I want to be nominated for a YEA with JAYECAN? 
The Awards offer young people an opportunity to share their contribution and inspire others. This work should never go un-noticed, the awardees will get an opportunity to share their experiences in youth development and empowerment work.

6. What are the incentives for winning an award?

JAYECAN, through the Youth Empowerment Awards seeks to highlight the hard work and dedication of young leaders and groups across Jamaica. Our hope is that the key take away is a sense of encouragement that will push our awardees to continue to work within their niche to make our country better. All our awardees will receive professional mentorship from a sponsoring patron and an opportunity to collaborate with JAYECAN in various projects. Four Awardees will be selected to participate as Key note speakers at JAYECAN’s upcoming youth Policy Summit where we will have dialogue on issues relating to policies specific to the arts and culture.

 7) Who can be used as a referee?
Any of the persons listed below, who have knowledge of the work the nominee has done
-Teachers, Principals/VP, Youth Leaders, Religious Leaders, Guidance Counselors

8) Do I have to be a member of JAYECAN in order to be nominated for the YEA?
The nominee does not have to be a member of JAYECAN to be nominated for an award.

9)  Does being a member of JAYECAN improves my chances of winning an award?
No member of JAYECAN will receive any preference to win an award. The committee responsible for selecting the winners comprise of professionals in the different categories and aren’t members of JAYECAN.

10) How do I sign up to become a member of JAYECAN?
You can sign up to become a member of JAYECAN by submitting an online application at http://www.jayecan.org/sign-up/ or contact us at info@jayecan.com

For further queries please contact us at yea@jayecan.com