Heritage Ambassadors Project (HAP)


Our Heritage Ambassadors Project (HAP) makes learning and transferring our heritage a very honorable and fun filled thing to do. The Heritage Ambassadors Project requires JAYECAN volunteers going into high schools and making presentations on our heritage and our need to preserve it as young people. The volunteers will then ask the students sign up for the ambassador challenge. In this challenge, depending on the category of Ambassador they wish to become, we email a link to the participants for them to complete a quiz, whether online or on our very own HAP application available in your app store.

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When one becomes an Ambassador, what’s next?

There are a few stages for individuals after they have been pinned or recognized as a JAYECAN Heritage Ambassador. Firstly, upon completing either Bronze or the Silver Challenges, they are expected to matriculate into the next level, whereby every individual must complete all the required challenges to be recognized as a JAYECAN Heritage Ambassador. For students who have completed the Gold Challenges which is the final challenge and have been awarded their medallions as Heritage Ambassador are now responsible to ensure that their peers, schools and
communities can and should appreciate our Jamaican heritage. As part of the promissory agreement between the Ambassador and JAYECAN, they will come up with an activity under The Promissory Heritage Activity (PHA) which will foster a wider appreciation of Jamaica’s Heritage. The rationale behind this is to engage our youths to have a hand on experience in the heritage transformation process and having them develop their own activity will display their creativity, innovativeness and drive greater appreciation by them and other individuals.


How long does the role last for?

HAP will be operational within two semesters, thus we will work simultaneously with the academic calendar of the schools. Therefore, the project will be offered for 2 months each semester, from February – April and September – November, this taking into consideration of the exam period for high schools. Regarding the life line of the role for successful students after completing all the challenges, the role of a Heritage Ambassador will last for only one year, thus students doing the Promissory Activity are require to do their activity within that one year period. This does not mean that at the end of their tenure, they will stop promoting our Jamaican heritage, but they will continue to be a lifelong ambassador.

There are three levels in the Heritage Ambassadors Project, and these are as follows. Click one and sign up today!