To continue our mission of inspiring change through the arts, we will be doing an #IAmArt online campaign to feature Jamaican creatives locally and in the Diaspora who are using their talents to promote social change and empowerment.

The #IAMArt campaign is an online campaign as we fulfil our mission of using arts and culture to promote social change and as a form of empowerment. The campaign features Jamaican creatives locally and in the diaspora who are using their creative skills to uplift themselves and those around them. Through this campaign, we will further use creatives featured to be a part of our ArtReach projects for them to make an even greater impact

Richard Nattoo
Graphic Artist

Richard Nattoo

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica in 1993 to a shopkeeper and an auto mechanic, Richard Nattoo has always had an interest in colour, texture, form and shape. Not having a positive outlet in the community for his expression, Richard kept his love of art to himself and incubated his varied influences to create a style all his own…

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