A results framework is an explicit articulation (graphic display, matrix, or summary) of the different levels, or chains, of results expected from a particular intervention—project, program, or development strategy. The results specified typically comprise the longer-term objectives (often referred to as “outcomes” or “impact”) and the intermediate outcomes and outputs that precede, and lead to, those desired longer-term objectives. The results framework used by JAYECAN has 4 levels:

  1. The Goal: The goal of the organisation is clearly defined and all activities and partnerships must work in harmony to meet this goal.
  2. Results: Results feed into the goal of the organisation. They are specific, tangible measurements that can prove contribution to the goal.
  3. Intermediate Results: Results can be broad, intermediate results help to chart activities that feed into the results.
  4. Output/Outcome: These are specific bi-products, small gains and results that are inherent to annual activities and partnerships.
  5. Activities: Activities are implemented annually to support intermediate results, aggregated to satisfy the main results.

The goal of the organisation is to empower and build leadership competencies of young Jamaicans using the arts and culture while encouraging community social cohesion and heritage preservation.

young people can identify and operationalize inner resources and talents that they can use to make themselves and society better.

Intermediate Result 1.1

Programmes created and implemented  to help young people identify with an art form.

Intermediate Result 1.2

Young people capacity strengthened to use their talents for self and societal improvement.

Intermediate Result 1.3

Evaluation activities used to measure the impact of art programmes on participants.

Grassroot leaders are equipped with skills and resources to lead community-based interventions that use arts and culture.

Intermediate Result 2.1

Resources created to support the capacity building of young grassroot leaders.

Intermediate Result 2.2

Capacity building opportunities provided  to young grassroot leaders to lead community-based interventions.

Community participation, trust and collaboration strengthened using the creative arts toward achieving communal peace and prosperity.

Intermediate Result 3.1

Initiatives created to strengthen community participation and collaboration for peace and prosperity

Intermediate Result 3.2

Initiatives created to strengthen community participation and collaboration for collective action.

Intermediate Result 4.1

Publications created around historical landmarks, art forms and other forms of folklore in Jamaica. 

Intermediate Result 4.2

Infrastructure created to increase young people’s access to information on Jamaica’s heritage.

Intermediate Result 4.3

Campaigns developed to stimulate interest in and appreciation for Jamaica’s heritage.

JAYECAN creates and makes available an annual workplan. Click here to download the most recent version.