Past Projects

Citizens Today, Heroes Tomorrow – Citizens Today, Heroes Tomorrow was created out of a need to endorse and re-educate our citizens about our national heroes as pivotal role models that can still be looked to as shining examples in contemporary Jamaica. Youths learn to appreciate the invaluable works contributed by our ancestors. The aim was to empower young people to be heroes in their communities, schools and churches by understanding, accepting and appreciating their abilities. We believe that the impactul works of today may come from us as normal citizens who love our country, but tomorrow, these works will be reflected upon as acts of heroes.


Discover Education – Discover education is another project of JAYECAN that falls under the Educational Initiatives portfolio. This project sought to bring voluntary educational tools and services to youths across Jamaica. We started with the introduction of our individualized math tutoring programmes and today we have taken our educational intitative services to the internet to reach a wider audience who need it. A website and hosting has been purchased to facilitate this move. To date we have offered free online tutoring to students across the island who will be pursing CSEC and CAPE exams.


JSALP – The JAYECAN Social Action Leader Programme was developed by Alex Sterling, JAYECAN’s Co-Founder and reigning Executive Director. The aim was to create a programme that enhanced leadership capabilities in Jamaica’s youth. His inspiration came from his extensive involvement in youth leadership, where he realized that many leaders had the title but, not the practical skills needed to lead. Through this training programme participants were inspired and challenged through practical, reflective and interactive methods to develop professional and personal skills for growth.


Connect Di Dots – This is our resource information system that continuously point youths to the available resources to help them grow in their various capacities. These opportunities include internships, scholarships, jobs and volunteer opportunities. It was intended that this system run parallel to other youth information systems in Jamaica but be more technologically focused. The website can be found at


iVolunteer – This project encouraged more youths participating in voluntary efforts within their communities, churches and schools across Jamaica. We brought about this active partnership using social media and performing arts to illustrate the importance of youth involvement in community growth and development. We helped youths to understand their important role in their own communities that spanned beyond labour day or a beach clean-up.


A major cyber activity that JAYECAN was proud to promote in line with this project was the #JamaicaCan Campaign. We started with a series of vlog entries and later requested the participation of youths across Jamaica who were asked to create videos to posts on social media guided by the theme, “Jamaica Can”. JAYECAN’s premier goal was and still is to take volunteerism to the internet. Internet volunteering is growing in major countries across the world. The iVolunteer project was our first attempt at getting young people to create change using a less hands on approaches that would still prove to be as effective.

JamaicaCan – JamaicaCAN Campaign, is a social media campaign that encourages young people in Jamaica to share their perspectives on our current situations and their dreams or visions for the future of our country. The campaign was launched at our Youth Forum held at the St Georges College where several key speakers addressed the issue of “Brain Drain and the Future Pulse of Jamaica” including TV Personnel Emprezz Golding.