The Jamaican Dream

Marred by decades of lackluster and self-induced depression, the Caribbean nation of Jamaica has been in a sad state – pummeled by social despair, economic turmoil; compounded by a vicious crime situation – the collection of which attempted to stifle the dreams, aspirations and visions of its vibrant people. Manifestations of this profess itself in the seemly deep seated mentality to indulge in the demonic act of ‘migration’ – the diffusion and dilution of our people.

Some fifty-odd years ago, in 1962, Jamaica became a sovereign state in the belly of the Caribbean Sea and represented a prized position of the world with a multitude of accolades that threatened to defy its small size. The year 1962 continues to hold a special place in the hearts of its people, symbolizing the ceremonial shattering of the relics of slavery and Imperialism, while heralding the drive to a fruitful future filled with hopes and good intents.

Along the road to prosperity, the island stumbled into dark days that stigmatized, tarnished and ruined its good name – lessons from which we are yet to fully learn from. It is from this place of darkness and ash that Jah-Mek-Yah will rise and become, once again, the treasure it is destined to be.  At the heart of our triumphant campaign to glory, are the nation’s people – those that have firmly cemented, enshrined and immortalized Brand Jamaica; The Living Legends and the runners that have relayed and anchored our nation in the hearts of the world. It is our people that will move Jamaica from strength to strength and it is our people that we must look to, to rebuild our nation.

It is said that history has a tendency to repeat itself and like Martin Luther King Jr., Jamaica, too has a “dream: The Jamaican Dream”.

In transitioning from debt rich to crime poor, Jamaica’s transformation will be a tumultuous one, marked by sacrifices which we must all endure and a life that beckons constraints. But 876 will never quit! Finally able to overcome its inner niggling, Jamaica will sweep onto the world stage with formidable hauteur and be the place for its people, and those of the world, to thrive and to flourish. Marcia Griffiths’ “Land of Love” speaks to the land that we all dream about – a land filled with comfort, belonging and support.

The Jamaican Dream embodies qualities that personify a place overflowing with prosperity, peace and understanding where all tenants and talents are appreciated and Jamaicans are tolerant, educated and whose priorities reflect those that are emphatically pronounced in our national anthem – wisdom, justice, respect, responsiveness, strength, vision, knowledge and truth.

Let’s continue to make Jamaica great! Xaymaca: Land of Legends

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By: Andwayne Davis, JAYECAN, Marketing & Evaluations Director

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